Wednesday, January 21, 2015

National Corporate Housing Review #6

Which property management company did you use?

National Corporate Housing (NCH)

What was the approximate START date for your stay?

July 2014

What was the approximate END date for your stay?

January 2015

You stated that you used National Corporate Housing (NCH). Where was your apartment located?

Meridian Ballston Commons

Overall Satisfaction
On a scale of 1 to 5, please rate your level of satisfaction with the following:
Overall, how satisfied were you with your location and direct billing option?


How likely would you be to choose the same direct billing company next time?


Basic Questions
How much notice did the direct billing program (Oakwood, BOQ, NCH) give you for your housing assignment?

1 week to 1 month

How many family members (including yourself) were on your orders at the time of this housing assignment?
Number of Adults (age 19+): 2

Number of Children (age 0-4): 2

Number of Children (age 5-12): 0

Number of Teenagers (age 13-18): 0

How many bedrooms did your apartment have?


Tell us what your apartment complex and neighborhood had to offer.
Please check each amenity provided by your apartment complex.

swimming pool, work-out facility, covered parking, bike storage room, racquetball court

Please check each item that your neighborhood offered within close proximity to your apartment.

playground, library, dog-friendly park, restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, coffee shops, Metro or bus stop, car share program (such as ZipCar), Capitol Bikeshare

How far is the walk to the nearest Metro station?

0-5 minutes

How far is the walk to the nearest ART bus stop that runs to FSI?

0-5 minutes

How far is the walk to the nearest Capitol Bikeshare station?

0-5 minutes

How far is the walk to the nearest car share program (such as ZipCar)?

0-5 minutes

Was the nearest grocery store within walking or driving distance?

6-10 minute walk

What school(s) (if any) did you send your kid(s) to during your TDY?

Lubber Run Pre school

Satisfaction Questions
On a scale of 1 to 5, please rate your level of satisfaction with the following:
Size of apartment for your family size


Storage Space

Very Unsatisfied

Quality of "Welcome Kit" provided


Please share what items were included in the welcome kit.

Dishes, 3 pots, 1 pan, 1 cookie sheet, glasses, mugs, silverware, wine opener, can opener, cooking utensils, towels, linens,

Quality of housekeeping services

Very Unsatisfied

If you ever had an issue with the quality of housekeeping services provided, was the issue ever resolved to your satisfaction?


Quality of furniture provided


Proximity to the Metro

Very Satisfied

Please name the closest Metro stop.


Proximity to FSI

Very Satisfied

Proximity to grocery store(s)

Very Satisfied

Please list the grocery stores near your building.

Harris Teeter (apx 1/2 mile)

Responsiveness of program (Oakwood, BOQ, NCH) to service calls


Please share any comments you might have regarding customer service and responsiveness of the program to service calls.

Slow to respond, on a few occasions the service calls were never placed to the building staff.

Experience with local school system.

Very Satisfied

What school(s) did your child(ren) attend?

Lubber Run Pre school

Please elaborate on why you were or were not satisfied with the school(s).

We were happy with the preschool.

How many times have you stayed with each of the directly billed apartment programs?
BOQ: 0

NCH: 2

Oakwood: 1

If you have stayed in this particular housing before, was this a deciding factor for you to return and why?

We had not stayed prior but ended up having to extend. They moved our apartment, which was a bit of a hassle.

Please use this space to share any additional thoughts about this particular direct billing program and the apartment where you stayed.

The location was great, the property was good. We found the NCH staff to be friendly, however didn't always get the job done in an efficient manner.